Sinemadyika - Front CoverSinemadyika is a story about two cool boys who use their imagination to overcome disabilities. DJ and Popoy prove that Popoy’s blindness cannot stop them from enjoying life.

Sinemadyika was written by Lauren V. Macaraeg. It was illustrated by Aldy Aguirre.

It was published by Lampara Books, Lampara Publishing House, Inc.

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Kids love Sinemadyika! It was a top ten finalist for the Kids’ Choice Award at the 2014 National Children’s Book Awards in the Philippines. It was a finalist for the “Most Favorite Children’s Book” Award at the Aklat Awards 2016.


Sinemadyika is the grand prize winner of the 1st Annual Lampara Books Children’s Story Writing Contest.


“The story’s creative way of telling us that everyone can have fun was really cool. We liked how the story showed us that even if Popoy was blind he still has a lot of fun.” – Pheonna Heart Ragasa, Kid Judge for Kids’ Choice Award, 2014 National Children’s Book Awards, Philippines

“I highly recommend that you buy a copy of this book for your kids. There’s a lot to learn from the story of Jeboy and Popoy… What’s magical about this story? Well there were lots of amazing things from this story.” – Ourlad Alzeus G. Tantengco, Doktor Doktor Lads Blog

“Pinadamang espesyal ang tauhang bulag na si Popoy sa kuwento. Sa akting-aktingan nila DJ tuwing Miyerkoles, si Popoy ang bida na kayang mapagtagumpayan ang mga pagsubok at hiranging bayani. [English translation by Lauren V. Macaraeg: The story makes us feel that the blind character Popoy is special. During DJ’s acting activity every Wednesday, Popoy is the star who can overcome trials. He is hailed as a hero. – Xi Zuq, Xi Zuq’s Nook

“A lovely story of friendship behind the oddities of life.” – Zim, Goodreads review

“Inventive characters showcasing their creativity in an imaginative story with an ingenious title. :)” – Yndrei, Goodreads review


061120131577-1You can buy Sinemadyika in selected branches of major bookstores in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Call your local branch of National Bookstore, Powerbooks or Precious Pages retail outlets to check for availability.

You may also purchase Sinemadyika at Lampara Publishing House, Inc.’s booths during some major book fairs in the Philippines.


Sinemadyika is available to borrow from certain libraries worldwide:





Fun Fact - Two inspirations for Sinemadyika